The BBC have released the full 5 min version of “Ochi Chernye”, the Russian folk song that I arranged and recorded with Sir John Tomlinson, performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1. The BBC have used the song extensively for their World Cup 2018 coverage, and has also been remixed by DJ Sigala for the opening title sequence.. It has also been played on BBC Radio 3 and available on iPlayer here.

For listeners outside the UK I’ve also put up a link on my Soundcloud below.

A rough translation of the lyrics….

Dark eyes, burning eyes
Passionate and splendid eyes
How I love you, How I fear you
Truly, I saw you at not a good hour

Dark eyes, flaming eyes
They implore me into faraway lands
Where love reigns, where peace reigns
Where there is no suffering, where war is forbidden

I’d love for there to be a download of the track to be made available, so watch this space….

Conducted by by Andy Brown, Engineered and mixed by Andrew Dudman.


Renowned DJ Sigala has remixed an instrumental version of the “Ochi Chernye” arrangement I wrote for the BBC’s tapestry promo earlier in the month; recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1 with the London Metropolitan Orchestra. Here’s my original version (which is also doing the rounds on the BBC’s coverage)… different to the original vocal version as it’s in 4/4.

A full five minute version of the song with vocals by Sir John Tomlinson has been released by the BBC.. listen to all the versions on my album page here.

And here’s the original film;

Very proud to have written the theme for the BBC World Cup coverage. Based on the Russian folk song “Ochi Chernye”, I arranged a new piece for full orchestra sung by Sir John Tomlinson, and recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1 by the London Metropolitan Orchestra conducted by Andy Brown.

A making of film can be watched here.

The main promo film has had some brilliant coverage, consisting of an animation completely made up of tapestry (read about the project here). Watch the full version of the film below. I’ll be releasing a longer, five minute version of the piece in the coming weeks so watch this space!